Welcome Back!

We are excited to continue creating affordable learning experiences that spark joy, wonder, and a love of learning this school year. 

Whether you are a teacher heading back to the classroom, a parent sending your littles off to school, or a homeschool family adjusting to your fall routines, September brings with it a mix of emotions and a flurry of activity. 

As we get back into the swing of things and begin updating our website to reflect our plans for the fall, we wanted to let you know about our first event coming up in just two weeks!

World River's Day Special Event

Join us on September 21st for an extra special live event with two time Juno nominated singer-songwriter, international family musician, and distinguished children’s author, Ginalina!

Ginalina’s picture book, The Mighty River,  celebrates a wide river’s birds, animals, rivers, and plants. The book imparts an air of serenity, peace, and joy in nature.

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