Helping Kids Wear Masks at School

Like many parents in BC, I am spending my weekend preparing my strong-willed 5-year-old for the fact that masks are now required in all K-12 Classrooms in BC. I have created a new virtual classroom filled with resources to help young kids understand and adapt to the new mask mandate. 

Parents, I highly recommend exploring these resources at home to help prepare your littles for mask wearing in the classroom. The more kids that go into school with a positive attitude toward mask wearing, the easier it will be for the teacher to create a positive and respectful classroom culture of mask wearing. As parents, our attitude toward this mandate will have a huge influence on our children’s ability to adapt and thrive in school this year.  

Teachers, I wish you the best this week as you navigate this foreign territory with your students. I hope that you are lucky enough to have a supportive parent community that are active participants in keeping your school safe. These printable activities have the QR code for the Virtual Classroom in the corner to point parents to resources to help them support the mask mandate at home. 
We all need to work together to create a respectful school community that approaches mask wearing as a way to to show kindness and keep others safe and healthy.

Resources for Learners

Virtual Classroom

Our  Virtual Classroom is filled with child-friendly learning resources for kids to explore as they learn more about wearing masks.  To keep students safe, all YouTube videos are linked through SafeShare which removes advertisements and suggested videos.

Printable Resources

These printables can be used at home or in the classroom. The QR Code in the corner leads to the Virtual Classroom for further exploration as a family at home.  

Children's Books

One of the best ways to approach new or difficult topics is through picture books. These books are on the shelves in the Virtual Classroom leading to read aloud videos.

Masks for Kids

No one really LOVES to wear a mask, but finding one that your kids can tolerate is key. We have bought so many different kids of masks trying to find ones that work for each of my kids. Here are the ones they consider winners:

Service Mask Supply Kid’s Cotton Masks

These masks fit my Kindergartner the best and form a pretty good seal on his face. They are triple layer cotton and have adjustable ear loops.  Shipping was $2.50 and they arrived pretty quickly. 

Old Navy Triple Layer Cloth Pleated Face Mask

These are my 3rd Graders #1 choice. They’re light weight and easy to breathe through. They’re also 5 for $15 so they win for me for their price. These fit my 5 year old’s face well, but he refuses to wear them – because kids are fickle!

Weddingstar 3-Ply Kid’s Washable Masks

My Kindergartener really loves the look of these ones and there is a ton of variety to choose from. They are a tad too big for his face so don’t form a good seal. They fit my 3rd grader really well. 

Disposable Masks

If your kids are anything like mine, you will start the week with more masks than you end the week with. Although not environmentally friendly, disposable masks can be helpful for the more forgetful littles. We have not actually tried these exact masks but I have chosen them because they have free One-Day Prime shipping. I’ll let you know how they are when they arrive! 

Thank You!

Thank you for caring enough to take the time to find resources to help your littles understand and adapt to the new mask mandate. 

Have a great week!

Hayley Legassie
Lead Educator | Joyful Learning

This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which means we may get a small commission if you purchase an item from this post. This helps us to be able to continue offering affordable learning experiences and resources that spark joy, wonder, and a love of learning. 

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