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Support your students' learning with our handy resources. We have prepared educational resources, teacher resource packages and virtual classroom to help your learners go deeper, and make the most of your virtual experience.

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About the Event

The Arctic is one of the most extreme environments on the planet, and home to a diversity of arctic survivalists who are adapted for these intense conditions. Explore some of these incredible animals and the unique characteristics they have that enable them to survive and possibly thrive in the unique Arctic conditions. Students will explore how these animals may be affected by the changing climate and human impact on life all around the planet – even in the seemingly untouchable Arctic.

Using visual props and multimedia resources, students will utilize their creativity and critical thinking to explore the ocean.  We are developing learning resources to help your students to deepen their understanding, toward a wide range of learning outcomes.  Core competencies in critical thinking, communication, creative thinking, and responsibility may be achieved through this Virtual Aquaclass Program.

Learning Resources

Teacher & Parent Resource Package

More than 40 Pages of Resources & Printable Student Activities!

Support your students’ learning with our handy resources. Our teacher resource package and virtual classrooms will help your learners go deeper, and make the most of your virtual experience.

Includes student pages for: Field Trip Reflections, Animal Research, Accessing Prior Knowledge, and more…

Earth Day Virtual Classroom

Our Earth Day Virtual Classroom is filled with super fun child-friendly learning resources.  To keep students safe, all YouTube videos are linked through SafeShare which removes advertisements and suggested videos. 

This is a growing resource and will be used throughout our Earth Month Event Series. 

Ocean Wise Virtual Classroom

Our Ocean Wise Virtual Classroom is filled with super fun child-friendly learning resources about the Arctic and Arctic Animals! 

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