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About the Event

This virtual author visit features Academy Award Nominee, Terri Tatchell! 

Terri Tatchell is a Canadian writer known for her Oscar nominated work on ‘District 9’. Her love for animals and allegory have united in the creation of the ‘Endangered and Misunderstood’ series, giving the underdogs of endangered animals a lyrical voice filled with laughter, adventure and relatable themes.

Terri will spend time speaking with students about the conservation of endangered animals.  She will read Adventures of a Pangopup  from the Endangered and Misunderstood series, a cute story about a naughty young pangolin who thinks he knows better than his mom.  Under the surface, it’s a story about kindness, navigating peer pressure, learning from our mistakes and above all the power of unconditional love. Terri’s other books include Aye-Aye Gets Lucky and Okapi Loves His Zebra Pants.  

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What to Expect

Event Agenda

Welcome & Introductions (5mins)
Author’s Presentation (30 mins)
Q & A with the Author (15 mins)
Brief Virtual Classroom Tour (5 mins)
Wrap Up (5 mins)

Times are approximate – we will do our best to keep the event under one hour.

Helpful Hints

Learners of all ages are welcome. Content is designed for kids in Kindergarten through Grade 5 who are doing in-person learning, remote learning, and homeschooling.

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Learning Resources

Teacher Resource Package

More than 40 Pages of Teacher Resources & Printable Student Activities!

Support your students’ learning with our handy resources. Our teacher resource package and virtual classrooms will help your learners go deeper, and make the most of your virtual experience.

Includes student pages for: Reading Responses, Pangolin & Endangered Animal Research, Colouring Sheets, and more…

Earth Day Virtual Classroom

Our Earth Day Virtual Classroom is filled with super fun child-friendly learning resources.  To keep students safe, all YouTube videos are linked through SafeShare which removes advertisements and suggested videos. 

This is a growing resource and will be used throughout our Earth Month Event Series. 

Questions for the Author

Do your students have questions for Terri?

Use this form before, during, and after the event to submit your questions. We will do our best to get to as many questions as possible during the event. We will continue collecting questions for one week after the event. We are hoping to connect with Terri again to her more of your questions!