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About the Event

In this special Earth Day Author Visit, we will be joined by author Evelyn Bookless, all the way from the Netherlands!

Evelyn’s first picture book, Captain Green and the Plastic Scene, illustrated by Danny Deeptown, won a Northern Lights Book Award for Children’s Environmental Fiction.

During our visit, Evelyn will read her book Captain Green and The Tree Machine, teaching us about deforestation and sharing ways for both young and old superhumans to help.

Captain Green and the Tree Machine is a fun and action-packed book.  Captain Green is summoned to help baby animals find food, shelter and safety but is quickly overwhelmed by the enormity of his task of saving the forests.  Readers will feel compassion for the animals left hungry and homeless and root for Captain Green and his team of kids who are eager to help plant trees.

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Learning Resources

Teacher & Parent Resource Package

More than 30 Pages of Resources & Printable Student Activities!

Support your students’ learning with our handy resources. Our teacher resource package and virtual classrooms will help your learners go deeper, and make the most of your virtual experience.

Includes student pages for: Making Connections & Predictions, Being a Planet Protector, Letter to the Author, Colouring pages, and more. 

Earth Day Virtual Classroom

Our Earth Day Virtual Classroom is filled with super fun child-friendly learning resources.  To keep students safe, all YouTube videos are linked through SafeShare which removes advertisements and suggested videos. 

This is a growing resource and will be used throughout our Earth Month Event Series. 

Author Visit Virtual Classroom

Access the Virtual Classroom for this event by clicking on the “We Are All Connected” poster in the main Earth Day Virtual Classroom. 

In this room you will find educational videos about the importance of trees and recycling, an Earth Day Brain Break, and fun nature books.  Students can also read Evelyn’s book Captain Green and the Tree Machine on Simbi, directly through this Virtual Classroom. 

Questions for Evelyn?

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Use this form before and during the event. We will do our best to get to as many questions as possible.