Pink Shirt Day 2021

Celebrate diversity and inclusion with us!

We are so excited that children’s author, Grayson Smith, will be joining us on Pink Shirt Day to read his book There’s a Norseman in the Classroom.  There’s a Norseman in the Classroom explores how classroom cultures can be shaped towards acceptance and inclusion. It opens doors to important conversations at home and in the classroom.  Below is all the information you need to prepare for and access the event!

About Grayson Smith

Photo Credit: New West Record

From the book: Grayson Smith is a police officer who spent his youth writing stories when he should have been paying attention in school. Writing is a wonderful way for him to express the silliness and vagary that simmers beneath his well-practiced outer layer of respectability and professionalism. Grayson lives with his wife and 3 sons, all of whom are smarter and better looking than he is.

Visit the Virtual Classroom

We are so excited about our Pink Shirt Day Virtual Author Visit with Grayson Smith!  Be sure to download our Resource Package full of handy resources on diversity, inclusion, and anti-bullying!  Your students will love visiting our Pink Shirt Day Virtual Classroom!

Download Resource Package

25+ Pages of Teacher Resources & Printable Student Activities! This resource package is full of handy resources for family and classroom conversations on diversity, inclusion, and anti-bullying.!

Watch Livestream

Watch the Livesteram Recording from our 2021 Pink Shirt Day Event! This event was hosted in partnership with Simbi and Peppermint Toast Publishing.  

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