Our Equitable Pricing Model

Rooted in the principles of equity and fairness, our new pricing model is designed to make our services financially accessible to everyone regardless of their socioeconomic status.  We want everyone to have equal access to our events and resources. For us, equal access does not mean everyone pays the same price.  Rather than raising prices across the board, we are going to try something for the next few months. 

For most our events, there will be 3 ticket pricing options. All of the ticket options will provide you with access to the exact same experience and resources. You are invited to choose a rate that is possible for you. The rates will vary based on the associated costs however they will all follow the same structure. 


The accessible rate is below the cost of providing the service and is open to all - with the belief that access to education should not be restricted by access to financial resources.


The sustainable rate covers the cost of providing the service in a way that is sustainable for Joyful Learning and adequately compensates our guest presenters for sharing their time, talents, and knowledge with us.


The equitable rate is above the cost of providing the service and is for those who have access to greater financial resources. This rate helps to ensure financial accessibility for all and allows us grow and improve our program offerings.