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Whether you are considering homeschooling or are looking for a backup plan for sick days or self-isolation, Joyful Learning has you covered!

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Give your child the reading support and motivation they need with a personal Simbi Reading Coach - certified teachers passionate about making reading a joyful and meaningful experience.

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What is Joyful Learning?

Joyful Learning is a not-for-profit organization currently focusing on the development of affordable, high quality, online educational experiences that spark joy, wonder and a love of learning.

We offer students a foundation of stability, routine, and academic growth in what is likely to be an unpredictable school-year.

Whether you are considering homeschooling, are looking for a backup plan for sick days or self-isolation, or are a teacher looking for curriculum resources, Joyful Learning has you covered!

Stability &

Our unique Flexible Five Framework provides predictable routines for continual learning – the key elements of your child’s emotional well-being and academic success!

Adaptive &

Our core programs naturally adapt to your child’s ability level, progress, and interests; providing a fun and engaging experience with noticeable results!

Flexible &

Our virtual classrooms and online programs are ready to engage your child whenever you want, for the length of time that you want – no preparation or planning required.

Comprehensive Learning

Our Certified Teachers have curated our resources to ensure they meet regional learning outcomes across Canada, and other jurisdictions.

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