Resources to Help Kids Cope When Disasters Happen

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Virtual Classroom

This Virtual Classroom includes informational videos, read aloud books, directed drawings, and printable resources. We recommend you preview all videos to ensure they are appropriate for your learners. To keep students safe, YouTube videos are linked through SafeShare which removes advertisements and suggested videos. Note: we were unable to convert the Arthur & Daniel Tiger episodes SafeShare. 

Printable Resource Package

This resource package contains printable activities that can be completed at home or in the classroom. This package includes a variety of pages to help students process their current feelings and experiences, activities to encourage kids to look for the helpers in this disaster, and templates for research about natural disasters. 

When disasters happen...

When natural disasters like floods, mudslides, and wildfires happen around us, it can be really scary for kids – and adults too! Whether or not your community has been directly impacted by the floods and mudslides throughout southern British Columbia, chances are high that your kids are seeing and hearing things on the news or from friends that are worrisome and confusing.

Although my family is completely safe and our house is not being threatened by flood waters, my children are still having a hard time. There are so many questions and concerns about what could have happened if our trip to the cabin this weekend had not been cut short by our 5 year old breaking his arm. We most certainly would be among those trapped and unable to get home. Despite our attempts to limit their exposure to the images and stories, it’s has not been entirely avoidable. They still worry about the possibility our house being flooded or having trees falling on our roof like they have seen in pictures. 

Seeing how much my own kids are struggling and knowing there are thousands of children who have been even more directly affected, I took some time today to create a Virtual Classroom and Resource Package to help kids through this.  These resources are designed to give kids tools to process what they are seeing and hearing, and to encourage them to look for the helpers. 

I am hoping to update this resource over the next few days as I have time. Please let me know if you have suggestions for ideas or helpful resources that we should share. 

~ Hayley Legassie
Joyful Learning Lead Educator

Children's Books

One of the best ways to approach difficult topics is through picture books. Here are a few of our favourites. Some of these books are on the shelves in the Virtual Classroom leading to read aloud videos.

Let us know your thoughts!

We are hoping to update this resource over time. Please let us know if you have suggestions for ideas or helpful resources that we should share to help kids cope with and process living through natural disasters.  We would also love it if you could share links to news articles or Facebook posts of the many helpers that have made a difference in the lives of others over the past 10 days.  

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