Just Right For You – Virtual Author Visit

Author Visit with Dr. Melanie Heyworth

On April 5th, Dr. Melanie Heyworth will be joining us all the way from Australia! She will be reading her book, Just Right for You, before speaking about how important it is to celebrate our differences and to accept ourselves and everyone around us, just as they are. She will use her own experience as an Autistic mother of Autistic children to show how wonderful life can be when we see our brains as “just right for you”.

About the Book

Just Right for You offers a warm, optimistic way of introducing Autism to your child and embracing their differences.

Written by Reframing Autism CEO and founder Dr Melanie Heyworth and with the delightful illustrations of Celeste Josephine Art, the book’s Autistic creators bring a depth of insight and passion to this work.

About the Author

Dr. Melanie Heyworth is an Autistic mother of three fabulous Autistic children. She lives in Australia with her husband and children and spends her time working at her charity, Reframing Autism, studying and doing research, and playing with her children who are passionate about everything from teddy bears to board games to meeting the local population of koalas, dingos, kangaroos, whales and dolphins.

Virtual Classroom

This free Virtual Classroom includes informational videos and read aloud books about autism, neurodiversity, and inclusion. To keep students safe, all YouTube videos are linked through SafeShare which removes advertisements and suggested videos.  We recommend you preview all videos to ensure they are appropriate for your learners. 

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