Celebrate Black History Month!

Celebrating Black History everyday...

Every February, people in Canada are invited to participate in Black History Month festivities and events that honour the legacy of Black Canadians and their communities. The theme for Black History Month 2022 is February and Forever: Celebrating Black History today and every day. Here are some resources to help bring Black History into your classroom. 

Virtual Classroom

This Virtual Classroom includes informational videos, read aloud books, directed drawings, and printable resources. We recommend you preview all videos to ensure they are appropriate for your learners. To keep students safe, all YouTube videos are linked through SafeShare which removes advertisements and suggested videos. 

Biographies of Noteworthy Historical Figures

Provided on the Government of Canada website, these videos and articles introduce learners to some notable Black individuals who have helped shape Canadian heritage and identity, and who have made and continue to make enormous contributions to all sectors of society in Canada.

Black History in Canada Collection

The Canadian Encyclopedia has created an extensive annotated guide to online resources on the history of Canada’s Black community. 

Children's Books

As you know, we love using picture books a jumping points into classroom discussions. Here are a few books celebrating black history and honouring black voices. These books, and many more are featured in our Black History Month virtual classroom. 

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