Our Team

Joyful Learning is a not-for-profit organization providing affordable, high quality, community connected educational experiences that spark joy, wonder, and a love of learning.

Our Founders

Hayley & Jonathan Legassie


Joyful Learning was started by Hayley and Jonathan Legassie in the summer of 2020. Hayley & Jonathan live in Langley, BC with their 2 young kids. Initially created as a home learning plan for their own children, Joyful Learning evolved into a platform serving thousands of children and teachers all across North America. 

Our Educators

Hayley Legassie

Lead Educator

Hayley is a B.C. Certified Teacher with more than a decade of teaching experience in public, private, and homeschool settings.  She is passionate about meeting the diverse needs of all learners.  Hayley believes that learning should be fun. She infuses a little joy, wonder, and whimsy into all she does.

Erin Turkington

Home Learning Consultant

Erin taught in the public system for several years, working with children with profound mental and physical disabilities. Erin has been homeschooling her own four children following Charlotte Mason methods while living mostly in Nepal over the past few years. Erin believes that some of the best learning happens in the everyday moments. 

Jennie Abbot

Yoga & Mindfulness Coach

Jennie Abbot is the Founder and Director of Harmony Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Company.  Jennie has worked with children, families, government, non-profit organizations and educators for over 20 years sharing her passion of bringing happiness and peace into the lives of children through yoga and mindfulness.

Laura Koch

Music Educator & Songwriter

Laura Koch is a professional, award-winning musician who leads and writes for the band, The Kwerks. Laura is also the creator of  Snap-Tunes – a songwriting program that leads students through a fun and engaging process that results in the collaborative creation of their very own original “class song”.

Our Board of Directors

Shannon Macelli

Museum Educator

Shannon is a 20 year veteran in arts & cultural management, recently specializing in museum programming. She is a  true believer in the value of experiential learning and the need to make educational opportunities accessible to all.

Jonathan Legassie

Financial Advisor

Jonathan holds a B.Sc. in Biology and an Master of Divinity from TWU. He is a financial advisor at Legassie Financial Ltd. Jonathan has decades of experience running multiple businesses and supports Joyful Learning with his expertise in this area. 

Erin Turkington

Teacher & Homeschool Mom

Erin taught in the public system for several years, working with children with profound mental and physical disabilities. Erin is a long time homeschooling mom to her four children. 

Gordon Mooney

Retired RCMP
Gord retired from a 30 year career with the RCMP. He is currently employed by the B.C. Solicitor General, Public Safety Ministry. Gord has decades of experience volunteering his time 

Our Admin Team

Rhegan Patrick

Admin Assistant

Rhegan has decades of experience supporting non-profit organizations with administrative and logistical duties. Rhegan is our Bookkeeper and manages onboarding of new students. 

Anna Stockton

Admin Assistant

Anna has certification in Special Education and many years experience working in the field. Anna assists Joyful Learning in the development and maintenance of our Virtual Classrooms and educational resources.

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